Psychosis Secondary to Tuberculous Meningitis: A Case Report


Tuberculous meningitis (TB meningitis) is a subacute meningitis known for its various form of initial manifestations, which often make early diagnosis difficult. Psychosis is a rare manifestation of this disease. We reported a case of 19-year-old woman who presented with worsening psychotic disorder of one year duration. She presented initially with social isolation with subsequent mutism and stupor. Initial brain imaging & Electroencephalography (EEG) was unremarkable. Cerebrospinal fluid(CSF) investigations revealed positive cerebrospinal fluid Mycobacterium tuberculosis polymerase chain reaction (MTB PCR). She was treated with empirical antituberculosis drugs and steroids. Subsequently her psychotic symptoms resolved. As a conclusions, the psychotic disorder was most likely caused by TB meningitis. TB meningitis should be considered in patients with no background history of psychiatric illness presenting with psychotic disorder especially in countries with high TB burden.


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