Flu Shot Induced Encephalopathy

Flu Shot Induced Encephalopathy: Chandler Webb’s Death Raises Vaccine Safety Questions

Chandler Webb

Managing Editor’s Note:  Below is a sobering reminder that vaccination is a medical intervention, and not a mass market, dime store purchase. Our heartfelt condolences to Chandler’s family. We hope they get answers from authorities and that Chandler’s death is not in vain.

By Anne Dachel

A recent tragedy in Utah should make the public ask what health officials actually know about vaccine reactions.  It also raises the question of just how far are they willing to go to protect the vaccine program.  A number of news outlets in Utah reported that a healthy 19 year old young man went to his doctor for a physical on October 15.  He received a flu vaccine and a test for TB and by the next day he was seriously ill with vomiting and a severe headache.  Twenty-four hours later he was in a coma and 28 days later, after life support was removed, he died.
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