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Many medical causes and infectious pathogen viral, parasitic, bacterial infections can cause mental illness symptoms. One such viral infection which causes inflammation of the brain is called : Encephalitis. 


Encephalitis Symptoms : Disorientation, cold or flu like symptoms, fever, mild head ache, poor appetite, confusion, drowsiness, light sensitivity, body stiffness, stick neck and back, vomiting, body stiffness, irritability, poor eating, vomiting.
Emergency Symptoms of Encephalitis : Loss of conscientiousness, poor responsiveness, stupor, coma, muscle weakness, paralysis, seizers, severe headache, sudden change of mental functions, flat mood, lack of mood, mood that is inappropriate for situation, impaired judgment, inflexibility, extreme self centeredness, memory loss, impaired short and long term memory, withdrawal from social interaction, hallucinations, paranoia.

Learn more about encephalitis by watching this video. Listen carefully as the physician describes the symptoms of encephalitis which are also the exact symptoms of schizophrenia and in most cases, bipolar disorder. You can see how psychiatry misdiagnoses viral infections that are often curable and inexpensive to cure for both patient and government, by not testing for infectious pathogen viruses (like encephalitis), parasites or bacteria that can cause the exact same symptoms as psychiatry’s non-curable mental illness.

The lesson we must learn as skilled healthcare professionals is to coordinate care and share all knowledge with all healthcare professionals for the benefit of all healthcare stakeholders especially the patients. With proper testing for root cause and finally, accurate medical diagnosis of mental illness symptoms, no longer due patients have to be medicated for life with toxic drugs that clearly prevent a return to wellness and full recovery, nor do they have to become transformed into lifetime psychiatric patients who are traumatized by being imprisoned in psychiatric wards, jails or prisons and criminalized for their uncontrollable behaviors which are often very human reactions to acute viral, parasitic and bacterial infections. Whom among us, sane and healthy would not act “out” in insanity or psychosis if parasites were nesting and reproducing in our brains and if viruses and bacteria were attacking our brains.

We can save billions in taxpayer waste by not having millions of chronically ill, lifetime psychiatric patients lag on SSI and permanent disability by doing simple testing for infectious diseases. To this end, Privilege Partners Philanthropic takes the lead to raise awareness of undiagnosed infectious pathogens and execute testing of mentally ill (mis)diagnosed in search of an immediate cure. Until we have exhausted all possible root medial causes of mental illness symptoms proven with science we can not rest on the laurels of pseudo-science, no cures psychiatry that historically otherwise proves a lifetime of disability, induced disease, guaranteed relapse, loss of human and civil rights due to imprisonment in psychiatric wards, jails and prisons and an endless search for phantom clues to the cause of mental illness which may very well have been overlooked for political, propaganda and profiteering gains by psychiatry when in fact, the cause of mental illness and its cure has been right in front of us … infectious pathogen viruses, parasites and bacteria.

Watch these videos and listen as these young women, who were both also misdiagnosed as schizophrenic finally discusses how they were fortunately saved from a lifetime of harmful psychiatric treatments, imprisonment in psychiatric wards and misdiagnosis as schizophrenics  to be properly diagnosed and received the treatment required to heal and move on with a healthy life. 

Brain On Fire : Mysterious Viral Infection Mistaken For Mental Illness

Brain On Fire : Woman’s Viral Infection, Brain Inflammation Made Her Psychotic, Violent and Paranoid

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