Caffeine Psychosis

Caffeine Psychosis

Many people forget that continuously consuming caffeine can be very dangerous. Caffeine can be very powerful stimulant to the nervous system, that is why many people drink caffeinated beverages when they are sleepy or tired to wake themselves up. Many people also don’t know that you can overdoes on caffeine and taking over seven shots of expresso is considered an overdose. I remember reading several incidents where college students drank way to much coffee or soda causing them to overdose and end up in the hospital. When one overdoses on caffeine sometimes they can enter a caffeine-induced psychosis. A person must ingest at least 500 milligrams of caffeine within an hour in order to enter this state of psychosis. A caffeine-induced Psychosis is usually characterized with symptoms of “hallucinations, panic, mania, depression and severe mental illness.” Unfortunately many people who come into the hospital with a caffeine induced psychosis are misdiagnosed and spend many years in psychotherapy or in a hospital for the mentally ill, not knowing that it was the intake of too much caffeine that caused them to go “crazy”. Some people show signs of very violent behavior, irritability and twitching after entering this caffeine psychosis. Many have committed crimes of violence while under this psychosis but can not remember that it was their caffeine intake that caused them to act violently. Recently ABC news reported that a man used “driving while caffeinated” as his defense to a hit a run that occurred in Washington State. After several psychiatric evaluations and blood work experts say that 31-year-old Daniel Noble may have been in an induced caffeinated psychosis when the crime took place. Caffeine psychosis can often masquerade itself as a real, severe mental disease and many spend a lot of money trying to “cure” themselves of this disease. A person under this psychosis can successfully plead the insanity defense since they were under a psychosis when committing the violent or criminal acts they committed. Sources:

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