Vitamin Deficiencies & Mental Disorders

Published on Mar 11, 2013
Proper nutrition is a critical aspect of normal brain development and function, and without it a broad range of disorders of the central nervous system can occur. Disorders like depression and schizophrenia are linked to chemical imbalances that are observed when vitamin deficiencies are present. Therefore, part of mental disorder prevention involves an adequate supply of certain vitamins. Professional medical advice should be sought before trying to prevent, treat or cure any mental disorder.

Those who suffer from mental illness such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, etc. may not think a physical problem could be part of the cause. Fact is, people who have vitamin deficiencies often experience mental health problems and/or are diagnosed with a mental illness. Learn about vitamin deficiencies that cause symptoms of mental illness and what you can do to help yourself or a loved one heal.

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  1. After in depth research … Bipolar is caused by a poor immune system involving the Mthfr C677 gene being heterogenous/homogenous. It can be genetically bypassed with active b12 and methylfolate to work at 100%. Most cases of schizophrenia are caused by this gene and the infection h.pylori. Over 10 years of studies linking h.pylori to schizophrenia yet nothing has been done. Finland has had major success with over 90% relief of symptoms from schizophrenia with 250 mg of famotidine which affects the h2 receptor…….. The same receptor that is affected by h.pylori.

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