Lead encephalopathy treated by versenate (CA-EDTA).

Eur Neurol. 1982;21(3):157-60.


A patient with generalised epileptic seizures, mental and psychotic signs was diagnosed as suffering from lead encephalopathy. He was a big consumer of home-made arrack, illicit alcohol prepared at home in secrecy, in tools containing copper and lead. Basophilic stippling increased the possibility of lead encephalopathy, which was soon proved. He was successfully treated with low doses of Versenate, a chelating factor, and totally recovered.


Postgrad Med J. 1991 Jan;67(783):63-5.

An oral treatment for lead toxicity.


Northwick Park Hospital, Harrow, Middlesex, UK.


Chronic lead poisoning has traditionally been treated by parenteral agents. We present a case where a comparison of ethylene diaminetetra-acetic acid was made with 2,3-dimethyl succinic acid (DMSA) which has the advantage of oral administration associated with little toxicity and appeared to be at least as efficacious.

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