Dr. Torrey’s public statements promote the belief that all psychotic states are a result of suffering from schizophrenia, he fails to consider Best Practice Assessment of Psychosis

Posted by Maria Mangicaro


Uploaded by on Jan 11, 2011

Psychiatrist Dr. E Fuller Torrey says the man suspected in the Tucson shooting displays symptoms of Schizophrenia.

According to the British Medical Journal’s Best Practice Assessment of psychosis guidelines:

Organic causes must be considered and excluded before the psychosis is attributed to a primary psychotic disorder.

The most common cause of acute psychosis is drug toxicity from recreational, prescription, or OTC drugs.

Patients with structural brain conditions, or toxic or metabolic process presenting with psychosis, usually have other physical manifestations that are readily detectable by history, neurological examination, or routine laboratory tests.

Brain imaging is reserved for patients with specific indications, such as head trauma or focal neurological signs. The routine use of such imaging is unlikely to reveal an underlying organic cause and is not recommended.

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Dr. Torrey’s public statements are misleading.

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