Son of “CRAZY” author, Kevin Michael Earley, talks about the “looks of disappointment” from his parents during his psychotic episode and the weight gain from being on psych meds

Posted by Maria Mangicaro

Statements made by Kevin are very revealing.  There is a huge difference between his father’s speeches that are read fluently and Kevin’s in which he reads every word off of a piece of paper as if someone else wrote his speech for him.  He seems over-medicated, his speech is slurred, he has a zombie-like look and he states how he must constantly remind himself that he is a “mentally ill” person.

Published on May 27, 2012 by

This is the speech Kevin Michael Earley delivered on 5/24/12 at the Cascades library in Potomac Falls, VA. Due to technical difficulties, the original footage of the actual speech does not exist, so he recreated the same speech he gave that evening to share with those who could not be there.  Due to youtube time constraints, it has been sectioned into two parts.

“I just feel so damn helpless,” I told my wife, Patti, one night. “I want to do something, but I don’t know how to help him.”

“Then do what you do best,” she said. “You’re a journalist. You make your living investigating stories. So investigate this. Pete Earley, the journalist, can dig out information that Pete Earley, the father, would never be able to do. If you want to help Mike, and others like him – then write about what he is going through, and find out why the mental health system in this country seems to be in such a mess.”

~Pete Earley  

As a Washington Post reporter, I was trained to “follow the money” so last year when the New York Times published a story about how the National Alliance on Mental Illness had received $23 million from drug makers between 2006 to 2008, I winced….

Obviously, all of us who support NAMI would prefer to have more of an arm’s length relationship with drug makers.
But I don’t believe for a second that drug makers control NAMI and, if I did, I would resign from it….

I believe mental illnesses exist. Why? Not because doctors, drug makers or NAMI have told me so, but because I have a son who became delusional for no apparent reason. He was psychotic and it got him arrested, shot with a Taser, and completely disrupted his life. Don’t tell me that brain disorders aren’t real or are just a way for some folks to think at a higher level than the rest of us.
I believe anti-psychotic  medications help him control his symptoms, not because doctors, drug makers or NAMI told me so, but because I have seen my son become stable and think more clearly when he is taking his medication. ~ Pete Earley
Mike’s first breakdown happened in 2001 and since then he has been seen by nine different psychiatrists – some private, some in emergency rooms, some in community treatment programs. As best as I can tell, only two of them – that’s right two of them – have bothered to learn anything more about him than his name and symptoms.
I remember confronting one of Mike’s first doctors when I realized that he had only spent ten minutes talking to my son and had no family or medical history to review. The psychiatrist explained that he didn’t need to know any of Mike’s past information, only the names of medications that Mike had and was taking.  He explained that his job was to render a correct  diagnosis and then prescribe the appropriate medication. After that, it was up to a social worker to deal with Mike.
I was frustrated and angry.
I thought Mike would be seeing the psychiatrist for regular couch sessions, just like on the old Bob Newhart Show (Wow, am I dating myself here!)  But while the so called “worried well” might be invited to explain their troubles to a note-taking psychiatrist during talk therapy, Mike was being shown the door ~ Pete Earley

When a person becomes psychotic, what happens to their personality?
It may sound like an odd question, but I would like to hear your response.
My son is not a violent person. He is loving, caring, thoughtful and kind. He is certainly not someone who would smash through a glass patio door and enter a stranger’s house to take a bubble bath. Yet that is exactly what he did when he became delusional.
Where “was” the person whom I love when this happened? ~ Pete Earley

My brother came to me in 2008.  He was about to have his first child, making me a first time uncle.  He told me that if I wanted to be a part of his child’s life, I would have to take my medicine.  I made a promise to him, for the sake of my niece, that I would do such a thing. Nowadays, I take my medicine religiously. ~Kevin Earley

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