Shingles and Manic Symptoms

Can J Psychiatry. 1992 May;37(4):271-3.

Encephalitis associated with herpes zoster: a case report and review.

McKenna KF, Warneke LB.

Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research; Edmonton.
Comment in:
Can J Psychiatry. 1993 Nov;38(9):631.

This paper describes the case of a patient with a history of affective disorder who developed encephalitis associated with herpes zoster which presented as a delirium with prominent manic symptoms. Published reports of encephalitis following herpes zoster infections are reviewed.
The diagnosis of herpes zoster-associated encephalitis should be suspected in individuals with changes in his or her mental state, an abnormal electroencephalogram and an abnormal cerebrospinal fluid examination which closely follow a cutaneous herpes zoster lesion.
PMID: 1611590 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

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