[Manic-depressive symptom associated with endocrine and metabolic disorders]

Nippon Rinsho. 1994 May;52(5):1311-7.
[Manic-depressive symptom associated with endocrine and metabolic disorders]
[Article in Japanese]
Yamada T.
Kashiwa City Hospital.
In an attempt to study “manic-depressive” affairs associated with endocrine and mental disorders, our clinical data are analyzed before and after appropriate treatment in Cushing’s disease, Cushing’s syndrome, hyperthyroid Graves’ disease and primary hypothyroidism. Although our data do not provide definite findings on manic-depressive affairs associated with Cushing’s disease and syndrome, review data by others indicated a high incidence of depression under untreated condition and its disappearance after appropriate treatment.
In contrast, patients with adrenocortical insufficiency did have a depression but this was cleared after supplemental therapy. In hyperthyroid Graves’ disease, a number of emotional and mental instability and irritability were noticed before the treatment, but these abnormalities all disappeared after appropriate treatment for 3-6 months. In contrast, patients with primary hypothyroidism did show lethargy and apathy, and these abnormalities disappeared after appropriate treatment.
From the data accumulated, it is concluded that adrenal steroid and thyroid hormone do affect the functions of nervous system and, as a result, cause a number of clinical symptoms. The exact biochemical processes underlying these abnormalities are not known and remains for further investigations.
PMID: 8007407 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

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